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150g Bags  

2nd class:   £1.35

1st class: £ 1.55

250g Bags

2nd Class: £3

1st class: £3.55

500g Bags

2nd Class: £3

1st class: £3.55

1KG Bags

2nd Class: £3

1st class: £3.55



In an effort to reduce wasteful packaging and also make delivery more convenient for you. If your order is 2 x 150g bags of coffee or less your delivery will be sent in a box designed to fit through your letterbox. So you no longer need to wait in for your Coffee delivery.

N.B not all letterboxes are made equal. Our boxes are designed to meet the Royal Mail letterbox guidelines, sadly this doesn't cover all letterboxes. 

International Delivery

If you can not find your country listed on our online shop please contact us direct.


If you are unsatisfied with the contents of your despatch you must contact us, either by telephone or email within 24 hours of receipt to inform us of your issue.

Lands End Coffee does not refund or exchange coffees, etc. if ordered incorrectly through our website.

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