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I founded The Lands End Coffee Company back in 2017, I was born and spent the majority of my life on the Isles of Scilly (a tiny island 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall) and I wanted to bring more specialty coffee to this part of the country and the rest of Cornwall.

I was heavily inspired after a trip travelling around Bali in Indonesia. Their quirky rustic coffee shops were amazing and loved how a lot of them roast they’re own coffee in-house.

I love knowing lots about the coffee’s i drink… its origin, its flavour notes and the wonderful stories behind the farms and the people who grow the beans. 


The coffee’s I choose for the company are all sustainably sourced and we purposely chose to only offer single origin (zero blending) some of our past (and some future coffee’s) have come from all woman farms. We paid above the average cost for these beans and the extra money went to help support the woman and they’re local community.

We are now based just 1/2 mile from the iconic Land's End landmark and we supply to shops around Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Our coffee is also available online or if you're looking to stock Lands End Coffee please contact us here

we hope you enjoy our coffee


Founder & Coffee Roaster