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TEHIDY // DR Congo - Washed
  • TEHIDY // DR Congo - Washed

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    Inspired by our cosy little cafe in the woods 'Tehidy Woods Cafe' 



    From a female farm part of the Congo Women's program (SOPACDI)


    This coffee comes from a group of women who live and farm in the villages of Mishebere and Ruhunde in the Kahele territory. SOPACDI has started this project to source and keep separate coffee from this group of growers in order to provide them a better income from specialty coffee as well as more financial independence and autonomy. The producers each own an average of 0.5 hectares and deliver coffee in cherry form to the washing station. There is a price premium paid directly to these women farmers to use as they see fit. 




    Over 600 of SOPACDI’s 3,200 producer members are women. Many of these women farmers are widows who have lost their husbands in the war or by drowning in their attempt to smuggle coffee across Lake Kivu. From the outset, the cooperative has been concerned to address the particular difficulties faced by these widows.


    Like in many African countries, rural women play an important role in agriculture in Congo. However, as most land is owned by men, they remain economic dependent and have limited access to credit, parts of this project will help a number of cooperatives like SOPACDI to install genderequity and equality in all their activities.



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    • Tasting Notes: Sweet, soft herbal notes with dark chocolate and grapefruit flavors.

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